Architectural Services

AJ Design team are confident to provide the best Architectural Solutions for various scale of Design on all levels. We strongly believe that successful design and delivery result from an intensive dialogue between ourselves and our clients. We work closely with the entire project team to ensure that all conceptual, aesthetic and functional requirements are addressed and are fully integrated into the design.

Structural Engineering

Our consulting team for Civil and Structural Engineering provides a strong professional service to our Clients. We ensure a practical, cost effective design solution to meet along client’s objective.This enables us to ensure the design-development stage progresses in a manner with which the final project can be delivered on time and on budget.

MEP Engineering

AJ Design provides MEP Engineering services for a wide range of buildings and a variety of project types. We designed the MEP according to the famous program calculation related to the Architectural and Structural requirements toward reducing cost of the project.We have developed a highly flexible approach, and are able to adapt our processes to realize projects in different ways, depending on our clients’ needs.

Supervision on Site

We take pride in ensuring that a high standard of site supervision in construction is systematically carried out by the whole AJ Design Team to the project parties, namely, the client or developer, the municipality authorities, the main contractor and sub-contractors.AJ Design adhere to the code of practice for site supervision and are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Building Ordinance and Regulations and with the plans approved by the Municipality Engineering & Planning Authority of UAE.