About Us

AJ Design is established in the year 2006 and is enthusiastic to be recognized as the pre-eminent organization that provides the highest quality professional services in the field of Design Engineering, Management and Construction by which we guarantee full Client satisfaction through our team’s competence and exquisite experience.

At AJ Design we talk with excessive pride & self-satisfaction about our achievements and abilities in the Architectural, Structural & Electromechanical Designs of tall buildings, towers and skyscrapers with high standard of aesthetic characteristics, comfort and safe living, not to mention the many elegant & stylish private villas & palaces, including the state-of-art large-scale mixed-use developments, waterfronts, mosque, etc…. We build projects in UAE in which it stand outs and recognized as prestige milestones.

Our highly qualified & motivated team come from a variety of backgrounds & expertise, taking into view a wide range of all possibilities in every different aspects of Design and Construction. This "total design" approach enable to meet the expectations, needs and desires of every Clients.

At AJ Design we developed a sequential, careful, and comprehensive approach to design. Before we can begin to offer clients ideas and solutions, we pleasantly understand their needs and desires. We value & view the entire process as one seamless whole, a logical progression from one phase to the next, delivering a professional service to the highest standard which has resulted in continuing and successful relationships with a diverse range of clients in Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai and soon to the entire cities of UAE.

We Expertise